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High quality water pump, over the industry standard. The warranty period is 1-3 years.

Full Certifications Water Pump Factory

As one of the best pump manufacturers in China, Hangge Pumps has more than 20 different types for your choice.

Send your project requirements to us and we will provide you with the best pump solution according to your detailed requirements.

solar water pump

If you are not convenient to use electricity, you can choose our solar water pump.

Submersible pump

When you need a high lift or deep well, you can choose a submersible pump.

surface pump

When you need a large flow and need to put the pump on the ground, you can choose the ground pump.

Sewage pump

Usually used in water containing a lot of impurities.

HANGGE: Your Reliable Water Pump Supplier in China

If your project or business requires imported pumps, then HANGGE is your best choice to manufacture pump orders.

Hangge is one of the leading pump suppliers, all of our pumps can meet and exceed ISO9001 standards, we will provide competitive prices according to your project.

Hangge will provide you with the best solution according to the requirements of your project through our professional technical team. If you are a pump brand and need to find an OEM manufacturer, Hangge will provide you with 100% pump development support.

E-mail us and send us your details immediately!



High-quality pumps come from advanced manufacturing technology. Hangge produces various types of pumps, such as solar pumps, sewage pumps, deep well pumps and so on. Different types of pumps can be selected and applied to different scenarios.

Please send us your detailed engineering requirements and we will provide you with the best fire door solution.

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