HANGGE solar pump

  • Hangge solar pump ground pump and well pump, there are AC-DC mixed type. You can also buy a sample first to check the quality. Send us your project requirements and we will provide you with a fast solar water pump solution.
    • More energy efficient, easier to use
    • Can do OEM
    • Comprehensive certification, including ISO9001, CE, etc
    • There are complete solutions for different usage environments
    • Moq starts at 200 piece



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Water pump manufacturer


What is a water pump manufacturer?

The water pump manufacturer is the one who produces different types of water pumps in industrial quantity.

Then, there are thousands of different water pump manufacturers in the world.

In practice, we see that a lot is manufactured in China.


What is a water pump made by the Water Pump Manufacturer?

“Water pumps” is a collective name for a wide group of products.

In all cases, water is moved under generated pressure.

Hang under this term, water pumps are used for various purposes.

For example for getting rid of water.

These water pumps are used especially in areas where water remains.

Other water pumps provide for the supply of water, for example for irrigation of gardens or pieces of land.

There are also water pumps that increase the pressure in your water supply or provide water circulation for your central heating system.

In short: every water pump made by a water pump manufacturer has a purpose.

In autumn and winter, for example, flooding will increase and water will be eliminated sooner.

In the spring and summer, there will be more drought and water will be supplied in different ways.


What pump models are available with a water pump manufacturer?

There are various types of water pumps with a water pump manufacturer, such as a submersible pump, irrigation pump, and circulation pump.

These types of pumps all work in their own way, however, the pumps can be broadly divided into three different types.

For example, we have self-priming pumps, centrifugal pumps, and submersible pumps.

How does a pump from the Water Pump Manufacturer work?

Here are the three different types of pumps; all work in their own way.


The self-priming pump of a Water Pump Manufacturer

The self-priming pump is placed on “dry land” or outside the water.

The motor of the pump controls the pump housing.

The pump housing of a self-priming pump is equipped with a suction connection and a pressure connection.

Via the suction connection, the pump can suck in water through a suction hose.

The end of the suction hose can be placed in the well (underwater).

One or more impellers are placed in the pump housing of this pump.

Impellers are a kind of closed rotor blades that, by rotating, exert a certain suction and pressure force.

Through the rotation of the impeller, these forces are released and the pump can draw in water up to a depth of 8 meters.

The force through the discharge outlet of these types of pumps is always much higher and is expressed in “Head”, or the maximum pressure.

The rule of the thumb is also this: the more impellers, the higher the pressure that the pump can deliver.

The product categories that fall under this type of pump are sprinkler pumps, booster pumps, and rainwater pumps.


Centrifugal of a water pump manufacturer

Pump A centrifugal pump is basically the same as the self-priming pump, however it is not/very slightly self-priming.

Centrifugal pumps should always be given a helping hand at start-up, as they have less suction power.

Therefore, these types of pumps are often used with small suction heights, or installations where the water is already supplied to the pump or in closed systems (circulation pump).

Submersible pumps of a water pump manufacturer

Submersible pumps, mainly submersible pumps/well pumps, are inserted fully into the/underwater.

As a result, the water can freely reach the impeller of the pump, as it is an open impeller.

When the impeller of this pump starts to rotate, the water is, as before, pushed by the “blades” of the impeller against the inside of the pump housing.

In the case of a submersible pump, part of the pump housing is provided with a pressure connection, where the water can leave the pump.

Water always looks for the way to the least resistance, in the present case, that is the pressure connection.

By connecting a drain hose here, the water can be transported to another location.

At a borehole pump, several impellers have been placed one above the other, each impeller being able to increase the pressure of the water up to the pressure connection.


How to Find and contact a water pump manufacturer in China?

You have several options for getting in touch with potential suppliers.

Take into account cultural differences and check the reliability of your supplier. If possible, ask for free samples and compare products from different suppliers.


Finding a suitable water pump manufacturer in China is certainly not easy.

It takes knowledge and experience to be able to close the right deal with the right manufacturer.

Here are a few steps to help you find a factory in China that can meet your requirements: Ask for references and research them

Although this sounds very simple, it is very valuable.

Following this simple rule can eliminate about 90% of the potential trading partners you may have found on websites.

Ask whoever you are in email contact with, to provide you with references from customers in Europe or America with whom they have dealt directly.

It is only natural that the water pump manufacturer in China will reply that it cannot name all its customers to you or all the brands they manufacture for.

However, they will certainly be able to provide one or two references.

If you are going to research these references, give them a call instead of sending them an email.

You will learn soon enough who you are dealing with.

You can use all those Contact Info to join a water pump manufacturer in china

Office China Postal address Direct Contact

Wechat:   xielingyan954582

E-mail: mandy@china-waterpump.net

Tel:+86 576 8613 0915




How does a water pump manufacturer guarantee the quality of the pumps manufactured?

To know how a water pump manufacturer guarantees the quality of the pumps manufactured, just Request product documentation.

Ask the supplier if they can provide you with documentation about their own quality control or product safety standards and take a good look at what they give you.

For example, you can ask for a ‘quality control checklist’ for the products in question or for test results from a lab test results documentation

that shows what materials are in the production and you can assess whether they are safe and legal where you intend to sell them.

A professional water pump manufacturer or trading company will be well known and will be happy to respond to requests like this.


How to become a partner of a water pump manufacturer?

You are willing to do business with a Chinese water pump manufacturer.

First, check whether you are working with a reliable party.

Most countries have a trade register where each company must be registered.

This does not say anything about the reliability of a supplier.

But whether his company is registered according to the law and has a right to exist.

In China, the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System manages this register.

Here you will find company information such as the company name, registration number and the activities of the company.

This website is only available in Chinese.

For a registered company in Hong Kong, check the official website of the Hong Kong government ‘The Cyber Search Center of the Integrated Companies Registry Information System ( ICRIS ). And ask the local embassy network for support.

They will carry out a company check for you on request.

This way you can be sure that the Chinese water pump manufacturer exists.


What payment methods are accepted by a water pump manufacturer?

How payment is made depends mainly on the degree of trust between business partners.

If you are doing business with each other for the first time, you automatically have a greater need for security.

Industry habits and government measures can also influence the choice of payment method.

Chinese water pump manufacturers prefer not to deliver on the invoice and often ask for advance payment.

With prepayment, you run the risk that your supplier will not deliver the goods.

You can use different payment methods.

Ask your bank for the payment method and currency that best suits the transaction

Here are some examples of payment methods:

Blank payments

  • Blank payment for delivery or advance payment gives the exporter assurance that he will be paid. However, the importer has no assurance that the goods will be delivered.
  • Blank payment after delivery or open account. The exporter invoices at the time of delivery and agrees with the importer within which period the amount due must be transferred. The importer disposes of the goods, but the exporter runs the risk of not being paid.

Payment by checks

A check is a promise of payment from the importer.

The exporter submits the check to his bank for settlement to be paid.

This form of payment is also not without risk.

If the importer does not have enough money in his account or the check turns out to be counterfeit, the bank can reclaim the amount paid from the exporter.

Due to its susceptibility to fraud, some banks no longer process checks.

Therefore, always ask your bank about the options or alternatives.

Bank guarantee

A bank guarantee is not a form of payment, but security.

A bank guarantee ensures that an exporter is paid if an importer does not fulfill his financial obligation.

The importer’s bank will then act as guarantor.

Conversely, an importer can receive financial compensation if an exporter cannot deliver as agreed.

Then the exporter’s bank will act as guarantor.

There are two forms of payment that have a broader scope than the bank guarantee: documentary collection and documentary credit (letter of credit).

In these two forms, the fulfillment of the payment obligation by the importer is linked to the fulfillment of obligations by the exporter (such as handing over important trade documents).

Documentary Collection

A documentary collection provides more certainty to both the exporter and the importer.

An exporter requests his bank to open a documentary collection and hands over the necessary trade documents (eg transport documents, invoice, insurance policy, and documents of origin). The bank then sends these documents to the importer’s bank.

The importer needs these documents to be able to dispose of the goods.

The importer’s bank issues these documents only after the importer has given instructions for payment (or promises to pay on the due date).

In any case, this form of payment gives the supplier more certainty that payment is made and the importer more certainty that the goods will be delivered.

However, the documentary collection does not offer a firm guarantee that payment will be made (for example if the importer does not accept the documents or cannot meet his financial obligation.

The disadvantage is in the case in question that the goods have already been shipped).

The documentary collection often offers a solution if the parties do not know each other well.

The documentary collection has two forms.

  • D / P: documents against payment: the importer receives the documents when he fulfills his payment obligations.
  • D / A: documents against acceptance: the importer can only have the documents at his disposal after he has accepted the corresponding bill of exchange. The bill of exchange is a document by which the importer undertakes to make the payment on the indicated due date.

L / C: letter of credit

Also called documentary credit. This is the most reliable, but relatively also the most expensive payment method.

That’s why an L / C is often used on larger transactions.

The importer opens an L / C at his bank. As soon as the exporter fulfils the conditions stated in the L / C (presentation of prescribed commercial documents), the importer’s bank undertakes to pay the amount due.

The exporter is therefore not dependent on the importer’s willingness to pay but has the security of the importer’s bank.

Under certain conditions, the exporter’s bank may also be prepared to handle the financial settlement.

The exporter will then be paid by his own bank if the conditions in the L / C are met.

Because the exporter’s bank assumes the risks in this situation (commercial risks and the risk of insolvency at the importer’s bank and country risk), the exporter has even more security of payment. This is called a confirmed L / C.

There are various types of Letters of Credit, ask your bank about the possibilities.

  • Advantages of the L / C: payment and delivery security.
  • Disadvantages of the L / C: compliance with the set conditions and relatively high costs.

How to Request a quote from a water pump manufacturer?

Ask the supplier for a clear quote. A quotation contains various elements, such as the price, delivery time and payment method.

If necessary, negotiate the quotation and ask for an adjustment if possible.

Check whether the quotation also contains anything about the Incoterms®.

These are standard agreements about the transport of goods.

If you ask for a Quotation, Check in the offered quotation whether the water pump manufacturer offers the correct products, the mode of transport and the insurance of the shipment.

Also agree on an Incoterm®.

Both parties will then know who is responsible for arranging the transport, the costs associated with the transport and who bears the risk of damage to or loss of the goods during this transport.

Also, check how long the quotation is valid and in which currency you have to pay.


 How can I buy from a water pump manufacturer?

If you want to buy a product from a water pump manufacturer in China, there are several ways to get a supplier.

You can search for these on the large trade fairs that are held several times a year in China, or via the well-known B2B websites.


How to determine the transport with a Water Pump Manufacturer?

Transport can be by road, rail, water and air. Each mode of transport has advantages and disadvantages.

Do you want to quickly receive a parcel shipment from abroad? Then you choose “express transport”.

If it concerns transport with different means of transport and transport companies, a freight forwarder often arranges the entire transport process.

 How much does it cost to ship from a water pump manufacturer?

A cost price calculation makes it clear what costs you incur to bring the product to your country and what price you have to ask to earn something from it.

Direct costs are costs that are directly related to the product, such as the purchase price, costs for transport and import duties.

Indirect costs include your fixed operating costs, such as advertising budget, travel costs and staff salary.


 What is the process to buy from a water pump manufacturer?

Do you have insight into all costs and the entire import process and do you want to close a deal?

Preferably lay down the agreements with your supplier i.e. water pump manufacturer in a contract.

Usually the supplier, as the selling party, takes care of drawing up a contract.

Call in a lawyer to check the contract before signing.

Work with a distribution agreement or agency agreement if you enter into a structural partnership as a distributor or commercial agent.


 Where can I get real information about a water pump manufacturer?

If you purchase products from a foreign supplier, you want your business partner to be a reliable and financially healthy company.

You can get an indication of the reliability of a foreign water pump manufacturer company, for example, by checking a foreign register, via an embassy abroad or by looking up a company on the website of a trade association.

Investigate the trade and business of a foreign company before doing business with this foreign supplier.

You can consult various sources for this. This is how you approach this.

Business Register

Most countries have a trade register for company registration.

Registration in a commercial register does not guarantee that a company is reliable, but you know whether a company is registered according to the law.

And you can check in the register which persons are authorized to act within a company.


Economic departments of embassies abroad can check whether the company you want to do business with exists. Some embassies carry out company checks.

Branch organizations

Check if your foreign business partner is a member of a local trade association.

Trade associations represent their business sector and want to show their reputation with reliable members.

A trade association often draws up quality standards.

For example, companies that meet these quality standards may use a quality mark.

You can check whether your supplier is a member via the website of a foreign trade association.


Via the internet, you can find positive or negative reviews about your potential foreign supplier.

Visit his website and pay attention to the contact options.

Only mentioning a PO box address or a mobile phone number instead of a physical business address requires further investigation into whether the company actually exists.

And check the business e-mail address; does this seem professional to you?

Ask for samples

Before you place a larger order, ask your foreign water pump manufacturer suppliers for samples.

A trial shipment with samples will give you an impression of the delivery time and quality of the ordered products.

Whether a supplier is willing to provide free samples depends on the type of product, value and purpose.


How are deliveries managed at a water pump manufacturer?

When you order a product, you can make various arrangements with the seller about delivery.

You can agree on an expected delivery time (for example 6 weeks) or a fixed delivery date (for example 4 December).

You can act in that situation if you do not receive your product.

You can agree on a delivery time with the seller.

For example, the contract states that your bank will be delivered after 6 weeks.

Or that your order will be delivered to your home within a week. Such a delivery appointment is called an expected or probable delivery time.

This is different from a fixed delivery time. With a fixed delivery time you really agree on a specific date.

Did you not receive the product within that delivery time?

Then you must first give the seller extra time to still deliver the product.

How long that extra time is, depends on the type of product and the earlier delivery time.

You must let the seller know how much time you will give them to deliver the product.

It is best to do this by letter or e-mail.


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