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Established in 2002, Mexin has been one of the best fire door manufacturer in China, Our door ranges have expanded to all kinds of doors during the last 15 years growth.

We have passed all related certifications for fire doors and other doors, we can be your reliable partner in China and 100% support your business.

For fire doors, we have to conform or exceed the industry standards, besides is 180 minutes WHI and C&UL Fire Rating for Mexin Steel Door.

We have all related certifications for our doors and will happy to support you if your project needs more strict certifications.

  • water pump production factory
  • water pump production factory
  • water pump production factory

Advanced Water Pump Manufacturing

Hangge has advanced water pump production equipment, professional and efficient production line. Our factory has more than 20 years of experience in water pump production.

Each pump is designed to make sure you can pump better.

Any Kinds Water Pump to Support Your Project

Whether you need a deep well pump, surface pump, sewage pump, or solar pump.Hangge can always satisfy your needs.

All our water pump can fit for home use, irrigation or the government project.Send us your needs and we will help you choose the most suitable one

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