Solar Water Pump For Irrigation
High Tech,High Performance
Water Pump For Irrigation
High Tech,High Performance
Expert Water Pump Factory
With 20 Years Experience
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  • water pump manufacturer

Your Expert Water Pump Manufacturer

  • More than 20 years of pump manufacturing experienceAll Hangge pumps are CE certified

    The hangar pump can operate for over 20,000 hours

    We have a complete supply chain to meet all your needs

    Fully support your new pump design and development

All Types of Water Pumpto Support Your Project and Business

As a professional pump manufacturer and factory in China, Hangge has been in the pump industry for more than 20 years.

We manufacture and supply various types of pumps, such as solar pumps, deep well pumps, surface pumps, submersible pumps, sewage pumps, etc.

You can request our pump grade test report, we will provide you with the best pump solution according to your project.

  • water pump manufacturer

All Types of Water Pump
to Support Your Projects

Water Pump Factory to Support Your Projects

No matter you need a brand water pump, or the pump required by the project, Hangge can always meet your different needs.

As one of the best pump manufacturers in China, Hangge has more than 20 years of experience in pump production. We have customers all over the world.

Why HANGGE is Trusted by Global Leading Brand
Over 2000 Clients

Over 20 Years Water Pump Manufacturing Experience

Hangge has more than 20 years experience in pump manufacturing, we can supply any type of pump for your project.

CE Certification

All of your pumps can meet the CE certification, all of our standard pumps are CE certified, if you need to customize a new pump, we can also test for you.

Sewage water pump max power can reach 550KW

When your pump needs high power, our sewage pump can meet your different needs.

Standardized workshop

We plant covers an area of more than 6000 square meters, with a standard pump production workshop and professional workers.

Who Use
HANGGE Water Pump

Global Water Pump brands

If you are a pump brand and sell pumps to the local market then HANGGE can be your best pump OEM, you can choose from one of our standard pump designs and customize your model as your business grows.

Water Pump Trading Companies

Every home needs a pump, Hange will support your middleman business 100%, you can also be our agent in your area, Hange always provide all support to our agents worldwide.

Global Water Pump Projects

If a government project requires a high power pump. Hange provides turnkey solutions from pump design to installation guide, you only need to send us your project details, hange does the rest.

water pump manufacturer in china

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HANGGE Water Pump

water pump factory
Water pump factory
water pump factory
Water pump factory
water pump factory
Water pump factory

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    Do you have any MOQ for your Water Pump Order?

    We do not have the MOQ for each order, we can manufacture water pump with 1 pc.

    Can you do OEM brand?

    Yes, but if you use our brand, you’ll get amazing prices.

    Can you accept the customized products?

    Yes, of course. If you provide us with your special requirements for special samples, we will accept your specific order.

    What is the delivery time?

    Advance receipt of your payment within 20-30 days.

    What about the warranty?

    One to three years.

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